Anna and Ethan are able to save Robert Neville from the Darkseekers. after he goes on a rampage. they wake him up after driving away and demand to know his location in which he tells them before passing out. Anna and Ethan go to Robert Neville's Home and Anna stiches up Robert's knife wound. Anna and Ethan are then seen eating breakfeast, Anna tells Robert that God told her to come. Robert who become's increasingly annoyed yells at Anna but she keeps her strong belief in God and hopes to convince Robert to come with her to the survivors colony. but Robert dismisses any claim about the survivor's colony as myth. soon It's shown that the Darkseekers. followed Anna and Ethan home. Ethan who is upstairs is unaware of what's happening and Anna goes up to get him while Robert holds them off. Anna and Ethan hide under a bed where a Darkseeker searches for them. they are saved by Robert who takes them downstairs to the laboratory. they all notice that Robert's cure works but the "Darkseekers." soon break in to the room and Robert hides Anna and Ethan in a safety hatch and tell's them to wait intill morning with the cure. Robert sacrifices himself. soon Anna and Ethan are shown driving towards the survivors colony and she gives the cure to a soldier.

Background Information and NotesEdit

Anna and RuthEdit

Anna is the female lead in 2007 film while in the novel Ruth is the main female lead. There are many differences between the two characters. Ruth was not introduced in this adaptation for unknown reasons. Anna was created to replace her. Anna is a Religious Person while Ruth is a mysterious character, both play important roles in the final moments of the story, Anna is responsible for passing on the cure given to her by Robert Neville while Ruth is a vampire.