Ben after infection.

"Morgan, are you there Morgan? I'm going to kill you Morgan!"

-During the nights at Robert Morgan's house.

Ben Cortman was a scientist with Robert Morgan, who was later infected and killed.

Before InfectionEdit

Ben Cortman was a scientest alongside Robert Morgan, and the two were best friends. When the infection arrived, it was Ben who had the theory that the infected would become vampires, an idea Robert Morgan blew off. Later, when Robert Morgan went to visit Ben, Ben denied letting Robert in, showing signs paranoia and insanity, and rambling on about how he was right all along.


'Ben Cortman' was infected being early on. When he became a vampire, he started going to Robert Morgan's house every night, and would repeatedly beat on his door with a piece of lumber. He would shouted continually into the night, asking for Robert to come out, and saying that he will kill him.


He was later killed while climbing on the roof of where Robert Morgan lived.


Ben Cortman, before being infected.