Ethan is a minor character who first appeared with Anna in the 2007 adaption of I Am Legend. He first appeared in the kitchen where he and Anna were having breakfest. He was scared of Robert Neville, after he got angry with Anna for eating his bacon. "I was saving that bacon, for a sepcial occasion." Ethan is then shown watching Shrek on the TV he soon falls to sleep where Anna places him in Marley's bedroom. He is awoken after The Darkseekers invade the household. He is saved by Anna who takes him in the other room and the both hide under a bed. he makes a noise which alerts a Darkseeker but both are saved by Robert Neville. He and the other two discover that the female Darkseeker has cured by Robert's Serum and he is placed in a safety hatch by Robert. He and Anna stay the entire night before heading to a survivors colony.


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