It's chaos.
It's a clear night . We see New York City and the Brooklyn Bridge in the distance. The US military has confirmed that the Krippen Virus has gone airborne. Humanity is beginning to crumble.
On the Brooklyn Bridge , we see the NYPD and the military trying to keep thousands of evacuating citizens under control. We see soldiers wearing masks. We also see thousands of vehicles (police, military and citizen) as the people try to escape the city.  The military is trying to quarantine Manhattan by separating the infected from the uninfected. We see helicopters escorting people off the island.
Using an eye scanner, the military can confirm if a citizen is infected or not. We see a bunch of fenced in areas where the infected are kept. A squad of fighter jets launch missiles onto the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge in an attempt to quarantine the city from the infected. The infected are jumping on the windshields of helicopters sending them spinning out of control.
The military has failed at containing this biological threat.