Global Measles Outbreak (or Global Measles Pandemic) was an event that occured in December 2009 that wiped out most of the planet's population.

Intitial Outbreak:

In 2009 a woman named Alice Krippin discovered that Measles heald a cure for Cancer, the Measles Virus was used to create an enhanced strain that cured people of all Cancers, but the virus proved to be an even deadlier strain and it spread worldwide. The first ever infected person began the outbreak in New York City, the Virus escaped New York City after the US failed to quarantine the City.

Global Outbreak:

The Virus rapidly spread within a matter of months around the world, the virus killed 90% of the world's population and most survivors became vampire like predatory mutants named "Darkseekers" that killed all 1.4 million immune survivors.


Dr Robert Neville was the last known survivor in New York and the world and he was the last remaining immune survivor, everyday he would wake up and recreate day to day life despite the human population had become extinct. At night Neville would barricade his apartment and hide from the Darkseekers, he spent most of his time experimenting with captured Darkseekers to find a cure.