Robert Morgan

"They were afraid of me... they were afraid of me..."

Dr. Robert Morgan's final words.

Dr. Robert Morgan was the last man on Earth in the 1964 film of the same name. He is loosely based off the Robert Neville character from Matheson's novel. Played by Vincent Price, Morgan is the only survivor of the European plague which kills its victims and then revives them as vampires.

Before The InfectionEdit

Before the infection, Robert Morgan was a scientist, and best friends with Ben Cortman. At one point, Robert was bit by a bat. The bat's bite however, made him immune to the infection that would soon come.

After The InfectionEdit

"There was a time when I shopped fora car that I looked for luxery. Now, I can't afford luxery. I need a hurse."

After the infection brokeout, he barricaded his home with whatever he could find. Turning to superstitions and myths, he also prayed, had crosses with Jesus on them hung up around his home, and also hung garlic all over his home.

At first, he was extremly scared, staying awake all night when the infected came to his home and tried to kill him. After a few months however, he grew used to it, and eventually was able to sleep at night, and do what he needed to during the day, when the infected couldn't harm him.

He later died in a church, after being shot and bleeding out, continually repeating "They were afraid of me. They were afraid of me..." It's worth noting that he was all along afraid of the infected, and ironic to find out that they were afraid of him, too.