Ruth was introduced later in I am Legend. Her true motives remain unclear, though she appears as a Survivor appearing in the daylight. Robert captured her and questioned her. Neville became increasingly frustrated with the mysterious character. She appeared to be very upset when Robert mentioned the Vampires. Robert is asleep one night and is awoken by Ruth who is trying to escape. Robert demands a blood-test, and it's shown that Ruth is Infected, but Ruth is able to knock Robert out. She warns him not to go out as the Vampires who have started a society are out to get him. Robert ignores this warning and is captured before awakeing in a Prison. Ruth tells Robert that she's a high ranking member in the new society, and gives him pills, claiming they will "make it easier" she kisses Robert and leaves.

Background Information and NotesEdit

The Last Man on EarthEdit

Ruth appears in the first film adaptation of Richard Matheson's I Am Legend.

2007 movieEdit

Ruth was orignally set to appear in the 2007 adapation of the novel, but wasn't included in the final draft of the script. Her character was replaced with Anna, a religious survivor.