Vampires as depicted in the Eclipse Comics adaptation.

Vampires have inherited the Earth in Richard Matheson's I Am Legend.

At one time, the Vampires were normal people who were infected by a bacteria (later dubbed Vampiris, by Matheson). Unlike Neville, they had no immunity to the virus and subsequently became creatures previously known only in legend as vampires. Ben Cortman is one such vampire.


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Film AdaptationsEdit

The Last Man on EarthEdit

The infected are vampires as in the novel. It is the only film adaptation to do so.

The Omega ManEdit

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The infected in Omega Man are nocturnal, with pale somewhat damaged skin. They are very intelligent and organized but somewhat mad.

I Am Legend (film)Edit

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In the 2007 film, the infected are called "Darkseekers", they are nocturnal and burned by sunlight, but are more akin to the modern depiction of zombies than vampires. Unlike previous versions the are very animistic and unable to speak.