Dr. Barbara MacBlockerson was excited when she and the Orion scientists discovered the cure for cancer. Most importantly to them and the Orion government, they had found it and the Michaels had not. After appearing on nearly every magazine cover and being interviewed on the channel 12 news, Barbara was ready to apply the cure to the world at large. This would prove to be disasterous

Her first, and last, test subject, was a Mr. Jack Brick. A son of a wealthy media maganate, he was affected by cancer three years before this test and had very nearly died from it. He walked into the government lab calmly, almost eager, and sat down in the chair, which flattened out behind him and triggered a mechanism that pulled restraints over his chest and legs. Dr. MacBlockerson walked over to him, vial in hand, and sat down beside him. She spoke soothing words to him, and injected the vial into a vein in his left arm. The result was immediate. His hair, every strand of it, came loose and was scattered about the ground. His face and skin became a paler color, and his teeth, some of them, fell out. Barbara was horrified. She ran over to the sealed laboratory door and began wildly pushing buttons in a vain attempt to get out, while Jack broke free of the restraints, stumbled out of his chair, and wandered over to the cabinet where he collapsed and knocked over 11 containers of the cure, only in an experimental gas, and therefore airborne, form. They shattered and the gas spread across the room. Barbara finally suceeded in getting the door open, coincedentally at the same time the gas was approaching her. It wooshed out of the door, engulfing Barbara and spreading throughout the building. It seeped unnoticed into the municipal water supply, a short distance away from the hospital, and took to the air. It was the beginning of the end for the Orions.